Management of hazards such as the release of chemical, radiological or biological agents requires timely information from sensors and detectors. Viewing meter readings while wearing Level A protection suits and gloves can be extremely cumbersome. The practice of transmitting readings by voice to incident command centers can also be subject to security risks. Automatic wireless transmission of meter readings to incident command centers is a widely sought solution to these problems.

The solutions offered by Safe Environment Engineering provide a one stop total systems integration package for incident response agencies seeking the capability to communicate sensor data gathered on-site to an individual in an incident command center or anywhere in the world for that matter.

The Safe Environment Instrumentation Solution includes the following elements:

• Wireless data transmitters that can be physically attached to a variety of existing chemical, biological or radiological sensors

• Custom wired or infrared interconnections between the sensors and data transmitters that allow the capture of readings that appear on meter displays in a digital format.

• A software suite that remotely receives wireless data and includes real-time meter displays, settings for visible and audible alarms and charting components for visualizing trends.

The wireless software suite is built on a common operational platform (Microsoft .NET) that can be readily customized to provide archival data storage, data aggregation and data re-transmission. Sensor measurements can also be joined with GPS positional information and posted on map displays.

Wireless System Overview

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Sensor Alerts via CAP and DM-OPEN

Sensor Alerts via CAP and DM-OPEN - Recording

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