Safe Environment Engineering (SEE) maintains a core competency in the development, deployment, and sustained operational readiness of equipment and software to detect and manage real-time sensory information independent of communications protocols, sensor inputs, and individual manufacturer devices. Our closely knit team includes scientists, engineers, technicians, programmers and support staff dedicated to the continuing development and sustained management of effective, uncomplicated, and fully interoperable local, regional, and national wireless information frameworks. Sensory frameworks can include static and mobile wireless real-time chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosive detection systems as well as video and infrared surveillance, and various forms of additional telemetry data systems. A common operational picture is presented in an easy to deploy shared geo-contextual web-based information system. SEE systems have become the most widely used integrated environmental sensory systems for first responders.

SEE began developing wireless technologies to improve the safety of personnel working in confined spaces in 1993. Since that time, public and industrial priorities to enhance the effectiveness of emergency operations have come into focus. To enhance preparedness and effectively manage and mitigate natural and man-caused disasters, terrorism, and other environmental problems, a completely new real-time wide-area network technology was needed.

Today, SEE is a leading provider of Integrated Sensory Frameworks and Common Operational Information Management Systems for planning, analysis, training, and real-time emergency operations command and control. Safe Environment Engineering’s real-time telemetry systems and services are the foundation of interoperable sensor-based emergency environmental information sharing; and a critical resource in the Department of Homeland Security’s Integrated Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (ICBRNE) program.

Some of our systems are built into various types of emergency vehicles, some are hand carried, and some are building mounted. They’re used by hazardous materials squads, WMD response teams, fire and law enforcement teams and vehicles, and they’re part of the standard equipment compliment on many specialized command and control vehicles. Hundreds of local, regional, and national defense, public health, public safety, and law enforcement agencies depend on SEE systems. SEE also provides products and integration solutions for aerospace, aviation, construction, petrochemical, marine, mining, and other industries. We drive the advancement of public interoperability standards and assist in policy development to broaden interdisciplinary and inter-jurisdictional information sharing, accessibility, and response effectiveness.

In addition to off-the-shelf products, Safe Environment Engineering provides design, custom manufacturing, maintenance, support and installation services; including 24/7/365 on-call and on-site event support, and integrated turn-key static and mobile command and control facilities, technology solutions, and services. We are your cost effective and reliable resource in support of your efforts to provide for your personnel and community environmental safety and security.

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